Time: Saturday @ 7
Cost: reasonable
Clientele: locals & beer lovers

As I approached the open garage style doors of the Meridian Pint I struggled to find an actual door. I did however find one and avoided the awkward squeezing between people’s tables to get inside. The rest of the gang was running late. So I bellied up to the bar ordered an IPA and absorbed my surroundings. a few booths are in the back but generally a very open feel. The kitchen is visible from the main room. And from the smells and sights I was tempted to order something. Given Gin Kitten’s later experience with their food (“delicious!”), I should have planned my dinner for here.

Gin Kitten finally arrived and found herself downstairs, so I went and joined her. The basement has a similar feel, except it lacked any daylight. In fact the basement was so open that it reminded me of a high school friend’s parent’s new basement, big, open, empty. Leaving me afraid that if someone got too drunk they’d fall and crack their head open on the cement.

We sat at the bar. Behind us were 2 6-8 person booths with taps so you can serve yourself until you run out (or they cut you off). That sounds awesome, but they only fill the taps with beers of broad appeal, so you probably wouldn’t be able to get a full tap of your favorite microbrew. They take 2 hour reservations for these spots, whether you are 2 people or 8. I must say I was bothered that I hadn’t thought to call ahead and reserve one. There are also 2 pool tables (big plus).

When Samedi arrived he went straight for the gold, three tasters of various beers. “The bartender knew his craft. He made a few suggestions that were dead on (he used to work at Churchkey).” I wish I’d done the same, but I didn’t notice the tasters until after I ordered my beer.

Other things of note: on the back of their menu they make a big stink about being “green”. Whatever that really means, but points I liked included all beer comes from fairly local micro-brews (big plus) and they compost 90% of their waste (rather they send it to a composting site).