Iron Horse Tap Room
Time: Thursday 8-10
#1 type of skank found here: Tourist and suit skanques
#1 type of douche found here: douche who is going to buy a Harley upon hitting his midlife crisis
$5 miller
$6 rail
$6-8 decent beers (“*super strong beer = 10 oz. pours”)

Upon arrival Gin Kitten got her usual vodka soda, and Samedi and I (Cupcakes) ordered a Dogfish Head poured in a brandy snifter – elegant, right? Regarding the staff, Samedi said about the inattentive female bartender, “She thinks she’s cute, but she’s not. Now can I get a fucking drink?” At that point, it wasn’t nearly busy enough to justify the amount of time we waited for her acknowledgment, although when we arrived it was a bit crowded. This recent article in WaPo about skeeball may speak to the clientele best.

Beer selection left something to be desired. We’d heard that they had a good selection of craft beers (thus why we choose it for the first stop) but from what we saw its the same crap that you find at any bar in DC. Very disappointing.

My biggest complaint is that “Iron Horse” is not a biker bar. What is it doing calling itself “Iron Horse” and decorating with motorcycles (not to mention the douchey biker-mural)? Having at one point in my history fallen in with a biker gang, I lament the fact that there are no REAL biker bars in DC.

Iron Horse: It’s not terrible, but you could do better.